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RollingCoin is a powerful tool for your finances designed for:


Finances under control


It doesn't matter how many financial activities you have or if you simply want to check family expenses. You can have your finances safely under control in one place and at all times. It's up to you what you want to follow.

It is possible to have an overview of how much you spend and what you spend money on, how expensive operating your car is, real estate maintenance and so on.

You can follow everything in synoptic charts divided into time sequences and other properties of financial transactions. Always easy, fast and clear.

Data import


Most financial transactions are made through bank accounts and by credit card. These transactions leave an electronic track in the form of bank statements, which can be effectively utilized by RollingCoin.

With RollingCoin you can import bank statements and automatically sort items according to the context of each transaction, link interbank transfers and in the case of a new unknown transaction it allows the transaction to be correctly recognized the next time it occurs. All recurring transactions are always automatically recognized.



All money that is not spent on consumer goods, but is used to purchase things with long-term value is an important part of financial life.

RollingCoin enables users to list values of the property through time and even follow the cost of purchase, maintenance and subsequently its sale. It is possible to have an overview of real estate, securities, cars and so on.



In the era of computers connected to public networks there is a high level of risk from attack on privacy. RollingCoin is ready for these events as well. It is possible to use data encryption and user rights for data access. RollingCoin uses the modern AES-256 method of data encryption.

Try it for free

If the RollingCoin application interests you, don't hesitate to try it now. You can have the completely free trial version after downloading it on this page and installing it on your computer. If you like the application, you will definitely appreciate the friendly priced time unlimited license.