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Application update

RollingCoin has been updated to version X5.1.2! Some details were repaired or improved.

RollingCoin X5.1 available

The new improved version of the RollingCoin is coming in a few months. You can enjoy a new type of investment sections, where it is easier keep the sales prices of the shares, investment funds etc. The entering of items was improved as well as the filtering of transfers and some additional details were repaired or improved as well. RollingCoin X5 license owners can upgrade for free and it is available for anyone who would like to test it for free.

The test agenda available

It is possible to explore the capabilities of the RollingCoin application by downloading the test agenda. In the notes of the Agenda you can find instructions on how to use the agenda's data.

RollingCoin available

Application has been released for users. The application setup is available and testing is completely free!

Try it for free

You can have the completely free trial version after downloading it and installing it on your computer.


It is possible to use data encryption and user rights for data access.